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Based in McLean, Virginia, Amplifier Advisors provides insight into innovation approaches, organizational change and economic development for profit and not for profit entities and for federal, state and local government. We are unique because unlike many who consult in these areas, we are practitioners and innovation entrepreneurs ourselves. We formed Amplifier Advisors out of our experiences operating Amplifier Ventures, a seed-stage venture capital firm that has helped start 16 technology businesses since 2004. Acting as principals in the formation of businesses, and the monetization of intellectual property, we learned first-hand the challenges of technology innovation and what is necessary to achieve success, whether for one entity or an entire community. We saw that many policy makers, business leaders and government personnel were dealing with the same challenges faced by technology business founders but without access to expertise ordinarily only located in the venture capital industry.

In 2009, we decided to combine our experience in venture capital and technology business formation with our expertise in law, economic development, intellectual property, business strategy and organizational development to provide our clients with unique insights and actionable plans. We are proud of our track record of delivering results, whether that is it delivering a comprehensive plan for the federal government to bring entrepreneurs into closer contact with intellectual property, creating and executing a comprehensive internal innovation development roadmap to allow a national not for profit to better serve its communities or identifying and benchmarking the specific economic development activities a locality must pursue to successfully create technology startups. We bring an entrepreneur’s mind set — how can we create something that has value — to all of our work.

Amplifier Advisors has built the Amplifier Network, a proprietary group of experienced entrepreneurs, educators and business growth experts to help deliver results. The Amplifier Network’s deep bench of talent allows us to rapidly provide subject matter experts for technology assessment, provide data analysis and draw insights of innovation trends and deliver exceptional education on innovation skills. The agility of the Amplifier Network allows us to rapidly and identify the specific expertise required for a task, and to provide personnel who have been vetted and are demonstrably qualified. Because of our roots in the venture capital industry we are uniquely positioned to provide expertise that is commercially aware and part of the the nation’s commercial innovation ecosystem. This is an asset rarely available to not for profits and government.


Areas of Expertise

Innovation networks

Achieving innovation at scale requires intentionally creating networks of relationships that can be combined to drive desired outcomes. Amplifier Advisors has created many national and regional networks, including Startup Virginia, Tandem National Security Innovations, Tandem Innovation Alliance, and FounderCorps. Amplifier Advisors has connected thousands of entrepreneurs to the broader resources of government and universities. Its innovation networks have facilitated the growth of countless innovation-based businesses.

intellectual property

We combine our expertise in intellectual property with access to the Amplifier Network to work with federal and state government and universities to develop comprehensive programs for intellectual property protection and commercialization.

Economic development

Business and political leaders need to know what innovation resources they have before they can create economic development plans based upon technology innovation. They also need assistance marshaling and connecting innovation resources to affect their plans. Amplifier Advisors excels in the identification of innovation resources and then the creation and execution of economic development plans to accelerate economic development. We have worked with the federal government, state governments and regional business groups to create many leading market surveys and economic development plans that have demonstrable results.

Education and Mentorship

There is no substitute for providing access to experienced technology entrepreneurs and proven educators when innovation is needed. We excel at providing subject matter expertise through mentorship, entrepreneurial development programs, online and social media content . We have provided the mentors and subject matter expertise for many leading accelerators and entrepreneurship development programs.

Growth strategies

Through our experiences in finance, law and venture capital, our principals have formed hundreds of technology businesses, served on many board of directors and helped founders and CEOs achieve business growth with hands on strategic advice and assistance in developing plans for product, sales and organizational growth. We regularly join emerging businesses as members of boards of directors or boards of advisors and assist in strategic growth, organizational change and business exits.

Family business transition

Family businesses have unique strategic challenges that can only be met by successfully managing the family and the business as seperately. Amplifier Advisors has worked as an adviser to families working through the unique business challenges of generational transition and legacy planning, while providing growth strategic advise and assistance. We have proven expertise in understanding the family challenges resulting from transition and crisis, and identifying processes for managing change and supporting business growth.



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